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# Kiwi Express IPA
Forget what you thought you knew about the flavors of IPA and travel with us to
the south seas on the Kiwi Express! This exotic IPA beer kit uses only New
Zealand hops to celebrate the southern hemisphere harvest!
If you like Simcoe and Citra but are looking for the next resiny thing; if you
like in-your-face hopbursted tastebud-erasers; if you’re not among those who
thinks the world doesn’t need another IPA; then you should definitely just stop
reading and brew this kit.
The setup is old (West Coast-style) but the punchline is new. A big but
uncomplicated malt bill plus Wyeast 1056 set the stage and then stay out of the
way of the ensuing lupulin circus. Via a blend of New Zealand hop varieties,
exotic flavors and aromas permeate your sinuses - sticky tropical fruit, lime
oil, equatorial flowers, Tellicherry peppercorns - underpinned with an
undeniable earthy funk. All senses saturated with hoppy hues of green and
yellow. Massive late and dry hop additions leave nothing to your tongue’s
imagination and prove absolutely ruinous to your palate should any other ale or
lager be foolish enough to try to follow Kiwi Express in a tasting session.
The next frontier is the Southern Hemisphere; welcome to the candy store, kid,
here’s the keys.
## 12/16/2017
### Brew Notes
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